NEW for 2014 – Do the Screamin' DreadLine

In addition to the Newly Redesigned Haunted Trail and Expanded Multi-Level Research Labs, Experience a Hi-Speed Tandem Zip Line Cable Car Ride!

Up to 2 persons at once, no harnesses and plenty of thrills!


Fridays and Saturdays Oct 3 - Nov 1 PLUS Sunday Oct 26 and Thursday Oct 30


Fridays and Saturdays: 7 - Midnight - Last tickets sold at 11:30

Sunday and Thursday: 6:30– 10PM -  Last tickets sold at 9:30


Prices for Adults, students and children are the same but group rates are available. Please Call for groups of 10 or more. Not recommended for toddlers.

VISA MC Discover cheerfully accepted.

PARKING - Donations for the local food pantry are appreciated.


(810) 406-2913

Take a seat. The doctor will be with your shortly.


Redesigned and expanded for 2014! An immersive storyline where you participate in the action and elude your adversaries via a Tandem Zip Line!

Lost within the expanded multi-level labyrinth in Dr.E. Adlands' Research Laboratories, radiation poisoning is the least of your worries when you're about to become the next victim on the operating table. Your only escape may be via the one-mile meandering trail through the proving grounds, where you discover that nuclear bio-research may have created more than anyone can handle. Finally, to evade infection of the deadly virus that runs rampant through the darkly forested military research compound, the Screamin' DreadLine Zip Line Carriage Ride may be your only rescue . . . or, is it really a hi-speed descent into depths of even greater fear?

The Story...

Claims of illegal medical research involving germ-warfare and rumors of missing persons have plagued this secret military research facility since the 1960’s. The Disease Research & Engineering, Atomic Division (DREAD) proving grounds have since been demilitarized and visitors may acquire a pass to inspect the hospital laboratories as well as walk the 47 acre proving grounds. Visitors are cautioned that high readings of radioactivity have been reported and there have been numerous sightings of “dangerous creatures” roaming the forested areas after dark, although evidence of these claims have somehow not been substantiated by the military presence still assisting at the compound. Read more about the History of DreadLands...

It is NOT a "Hay Ride", not recommended for the elderly or very young as it's not a "trick-or-treat" trail. It is, however, an exciting and unique experience that will surely get your heart racing.

Located at 10280 E Stanley Rd, North of Davison, 1/2 Mile East of M-15 / State Rd

Haunted trail with DreadLine Ride takes approximately 75 minutes to walk. - Research Laboratories take approximately 40 minutes to explore . . . if you survive.

Screamin' DreadLine Cable Car Ride has a maximum 2 persons and strict 380lbs total weight limit.


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